Friday, June 12, 2009

Update for the Sake of Updating

So last night my Children's Lit. Class had a lecture on fantasy and science fiction, and the book Tuck Everlasting was brought up. Surprisingly, though it seemed like not many of my classmates enjoyed reading fantasy books everyone got into a charged conversation about immortality, and whether or not, if given the chance, they would choose to live forever. I've never read the book before, but it was interesting to hear everyone's opinions. I mean, until last night I barely heard a peep from any of my classmates, and then suddenly everyone loosened up! As far as opinions go, teacher says we're the first class she's ever had where the majority of students would rather not have immortality, and that usually students our age (18-22) jump at the chance to stay young forever. It's funny how things like that play out...

Anyway, all that talk started inspiring me to paint the robot below, as well as leaf through my bookcase for some fantasy favorites. Looking through it all again is like fodder for the imagination!

It's unfinished, but I'll update more as it progresses...

Also, if anyone took the time to read the above blurb, well wow! Here's an edited photo of a jumping spider for your pleasure! (not made by me)

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