Sunday, July 5, 2009

Attack of the Summer Courses!

Last week marked the end of Child Lit class; it was a lot of fun and way too short, but at least finishing it (and hopefully getting credited) will be the first real accomplishment I've made all summer.
Anyway, onto the PICS. My final Project was to write and design a picture book; for the most part I'm actually proud of it, due to the fact that 1.) I've never pushed myself to write anything other than essays before, 2.) Skelton (big blue thing I drew below) got to be the star of the book, and 3.) I used real media (watercolors & charcoal) on the illustrations rather than sticking with photoshops/digital media. Just who do you think you are Shanti Jones, Arthur Rackham or something?

These are some examples of the 20-something illustrations, so please enjoy! Critiques are WELCOME, as I'm currently still working on polishing the final product. Teacher loved it, which made me think if I gussied everything up enough, it would be worth while to print out a copy or two.

(will post more soon! until then, fin for now!)


B.Wallz said...

Great job Shanti! I totally would like to buy a copy of the book from you, if I can.

Craig said...
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Craig said...

I'd also love to buy a copy of Shanti Rittger's first children's book. This is great! I like the flower on his head.

Shanti said...

When did I remove my own comment? Hmm. Anyway, hah, we'll see about the publishing. Certainly, there will be illustration prints if nothing else! Thanks for the support, you guys :)