Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Color Testing, Pt. 2

So, apparently colors on my mitsubishi monitor (hooked up to a Mac G4) look more vibrant and beautiful than they do on my Dell's, and this is a problem because the Dell is the correctly calibrated version. While I try to sort things out, enjoy some watercolor doodles I messed around with in photoshop.


Highsight said...

Heh, very cute. :)

Andrew W said...

uhh uhh I have to say that the colors on the mitsubishi are probably more correct, because I calibrated that thing myself with a Huey and because laptop screens are notoriously bad at properly reproducing colors

however if you want to see those same sort of dull colors on the CRT monitor, what you need to do is try and find a color profile for your laptop screen. you can then plug that into Photoshop and turn on Proof mode which will reflect that output model