Thursday, January 7, 2010

Monster Bromance

Would it be called a momance?
"So a yeti and a sasquatch walk into a bar..."
Nevermind, I got nothin to back up why or how this idea got started.



(what the witness fails to capture while filming this is the hackey sack the two cryptids were chasing after)


B.Wallz said...

Wow, Shanti. I actually think that top monster is my favorite piece that you've done. The texture is what's really selling this for me. Eventhough I know I know it's a digital painting, it also has elements that have a collage or mixed media appearance. Keep up the great work!

Caitlyn said...

hahaha caleb would be all over these. you know, because they're cryptids. but i like them! i'm starting on a digital painting myself and these just gave me a little inspiration kick. thnx. :D

Zach Montoya said...

I love these. Very magical.