Monday, April 12, 2010

Prince Ivan and the Firebird

Our final project for Illustration 2 is to create a narrative of a myth or legend. I chose the aforementioned Russian fairytale, and decided to make work for a mock-animation project, complete with storyboard, colored key sequences, character studies and environment work. This post will get bigger as time progresses, but for now please enjoy some character sketches.

First up: Young Prince Ivan

Ivan's Father, the Tsar

Various Firebird Designs

The Wolf

Tree Patterns

(I'd like, for the most part, for backgrounds to be flat. Scenes such as the Wolf's forest, and the beginning of Ivan's journey are to look almost like a setting in a play.)

Unfamiliar with the myth? Please check out this page, which sums it up very nicely!


Anonymous said...

Oooh! That was one of my fave stories! I always asked my mum to read it for me when I was 5. Such memories ;_;
I'm loving the wolf and the king's designs; you're making them justice. I imagine Ivan like a young man, though, but it's nice to see another take on the story.

Shanti said...

Thanks, Constanza!
Yes, I took some liberties with Ivan's age. I thought about approaching it the classic way, but for whatever reason, drawing him as a kid seems to have stuck with me. It will hopefully give the story a more light-hearted spin :)

MadHatter3000 said...

have u thought about a design for the princess by any chance?