Monday, March 14, 2011

Flikr Sketch Dump!

Hey watchers and casual perusers,
ever wonder what my sketches look like? What? No? Well, too bad! listen to this anyway:

through a wonderful idea conceived by my fellow artist Rachael Hunt, I have now assembled a jumble of sketches, scribbles and unpolished ideas together into a flikr slideshow. Feel free to browse it anytime, as it'll grow whenever I add new images to the stream. Much better, I think, than clogging this blog with undeveloped work.
Thanks for sitting tight guys! That's it for now.


P.S.- like how many times I subliminally linked to it? What? No? Get outta here!


coNs Oroza said...

Shit, now I can only think of your slideshow, for some reason.

Shanti R. said...

hahaha... excellent.

Ayumi Sophia said...

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